BLOODGUSH - Demo 2010

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SEKARAT - Confounded By Hatred [EP 2010]

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LORD GORE - The Autophagous Orgy [2002]


Genre(s) :Death/Grind, Goregrind
Lyrical theme(s) : Gore, Death, Rape, Misogyny
Formed in 1998
United States of America (Portland, Oregon)

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Full-length, Razorback Records
May 11th, 2002

1. Intro
2. Morgue Whore
3. Krash Kourse in Psychopathology
4. Rape Camp
5. The Forgotten Flesh
6. The Last Supper (The Autophagous)
7. Involuntary Vaginal Vermin Slut
8. Post Coital Eruption
9. Nekro-Erotic Art
10. Zombie Molestation
11. Lord Gore
12. Breakfast at the Manchester Morgue (Impetigo cover)

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