NEUROTIC OF GODS - The Night Domination (2002)

Neourotic Of Gods Photo

Formed In 1996
Indonesia (Bandung)
Genre(s) : Black Metal
Lirycal Theme(s) : Mystical and Traditional Occult Themes
Official :

NEOUROTIC OF GODS - The Night Domination (2002)

The Night Domination

Full-length, Extreme Souls Productions

Tracklist :
1. Reborn In Thy Holy Flames
2. The Night Domination
3. The Conquerors (I'm The Power And The Hatred)
4. Sovereign Of The Unborn Life
5. The Dead Warriors Drowned In The Battlefield
6. The Unholy Evil Realm
7. Soundly Asleep In The Wave Of Sorrow
8. Tired And Red (Sodom Cover)


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