ASPHYXIATE - The Process Of Mutilation

The Process Of Mutilaions Cover

Formed in i998
Indonesia (Bekasi, West Java)
Genre(s) :Brutal Death Metal
Lyrical theme(s) :Psycho, Mysteries, Gore

The Process Of Mutilaions Cover

Re-released on CD from Despise the Sun Records 02/20/2005.

1. The Process Of Mutilation (Intro)
2. Cold Blooded Murderer
3. Feeding My Dog With Their Carcass
4. Mutilated Human
5. Amis Lendir Darah
6. Breakfast With Satanic Flesh
7. Sekarat Terjagal
8. Vomiting Flesh
9. Sindrom Pembunuhan
10. Psychopathic Brutal Mind
11. Asphyxiate


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