LYKATHEA AFLAME - Elvenefris [2000]


Genre(s) :Middle Eastern Technical Brutal Death
Lyrical theme(s) : Redemption, Sadness, Longing
Formed in 1999
Czech Republic (Prague)

Official Merchandise

Elvenefris [2000]
Line-up in this album:

Ptoe - guitars and vocals
Ondra Martinek - guitars
Andy Maresh - bass
Tom Corn - drums

Full-length, Obscene Productions
October 31st, 2000

1. Land Where Sympathy Is Air
2. To Become Shelter and Salvation
3. Bringer of Elvenefris Flame
4. Flowering Entities
5. To Give
6. On the Way Home
7. Shine of Consolation
8. Sadness and Strength
9. A Step Closer
10. An Old Man and a Child
11. Walking in the Garden of Ma'at

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